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Global Stats


One of the main complaints from players was there was no ladder system in Diablo 3 like there is in Diablo 2. While there is no way to replicate the Diablo 2 season system directly in Diablo 3, Diablo3ladders.com is a fun way for players to progress against other players in a timed season. We only use Blizzards official API's, we don't and can't alter them in any way. We build a service layer on top of the API (for rankings etc) whilst honouring Blizzard's T&C of their API. Yes, you can create your own group for select friends of groups. Go to the Groups ladders page and create a group of your own. You must have a site account and BattleTag assigned to your account before you can do this. Yes you have complete control as the admin of your group. They would 'join the group' and as the group admin you can either accept or reject them from your group. Yes, you can assign a member of your group as a moderator who will then be able to help you accept or decline players for your group. Why of course! We've added a filter system to allow you to remove any heroes you don't want to show. This allows you to have your own personal races with friends or compare stats or do what ever you please! Yes we do. Check the Global Stats link in the navigation. Although at the moment we're trying to get permission from Blizzard to scan more than the normal 10k allowance. Yes in your character sheets you can click links to all the stats in the left navigation, this will show where you are in global rankings compared to other players. We can help, just contact support@diablo3ladders.com


EHP or Effective Hit Points or Effective Health Pool shows you how you benefit from the statistics attached to your items and skills. How much damage can you receive before you die. This is actually being investigated to make sure but the remainding % is your base stats. Many lives were lost to bring you this information *RIP*


DPS is worked out from your weapon, hero and item stats. It does not count skill buffs or passives which is why it is labelled "unbufffed" The value we use is "Unbuffed" so any bonuses you get from your skills aren't counted. In Diablo3 your damage is calculated off of your main weapon, so we do the same! Your final DPS is counted as your main weapons damage but the percentages are what we've worked out to be that items contribution towards the final DPS. Your DPS is calculated using the in-game formulas as extracted from the game files. Other sitesmay not use this method so stats may differe slight. becuase it is unboffed, it will differ slightly from Blizzard's armory. If you still think it;s wrong, let us know by contacting support@diablo3ladders.com with your BattleTag, link to hero page and what you think it should be.


Heroscore is an experimental value system to calculate the different elements of your hero. Not as much of a question but rather a statement but yes, currently the formula used is less scientific and more guestimation using all the stats your hero currently has. If you have a great way to calculate this please let me know via email support@diablo3ladders.com